Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekly Realization - See it, be it, know it, LIVE IT.

Weekly Realization Factor... One Moment can Change your Life. 

When moments awaken our appreciation for change more than expected, the realization factor must be shared.  To me the journey of believing in myself, in others, in developing individuals to reach their true potential has been my passion.  When I was 7 years old, I had to write down what I wanted to be when I grew up and my answer was, “I want to write Hallmark Cards”.   I truly wanted to Inspire others. I thought Hallmark Cards might be the answer. Easy enough.  What I truly didn’t realize until the development of RXSTAR and until working with life coaching and business coaching, is that this passion has become my source of energy, my light, and my nourishment to become better at living everyday.  I am truly fascinated by human potential.  With conviction, I know that when we see the best in other, we bring out the best in others- and also in ourselves.   So the realization factor came just this week that SEEING the best in others means listening.  It is a direct relationship between seeing with your eyes and listening with heart.  I will never forget the best advice I was given from Coach Burgener when I asked him how to help others see what I see in them.  TRUE potential.  He said, “You can coach, teach, and lead, but if you want to make a difference you need to make yourself available”.  That is it. The secret ingredient, Listening to their stories, hearing their needs, and be a sounding board to help them hear themselves speak about the endless possibilities they have when they put their thoughts into action.   One of the most powerful gifts in the world, and you can GIVE it FREELY.   It is your time.  Seeing the good, looking for their strengths, listening to their story and BELIEVING in them.   See it, be it know it, Live it.    #Weekly Realization.  #Starpower.