Fast paced, on the go, more to do than time to do it is the lifestyle that so many of us have become accustomed to.  Living forward is a necessity, forward thinking is a skill, and building on your experiences from yesterday is truly enlightenment.

It is often that we get so focused on the here and now that we forget to remember the steps that we have taken to get us where we are today. I had a good friend tell me today, "You are the person sitting here because of all the life challenges you have faced, the family and friends who have invited creativity and adventure into your life, and your everyday life experiences that have molded you into the individual you are. Embrace your individuality."

As I look back in life, everything makes sense. I continue to move forward every day; however, I have now found that at the end of the day it is imperative to reflect on the things that have happened, the challenges I have experience, the enlightenments that have awakened, and the people that I have met. 

It inspired me to create my Live It Forward Rules.

Rule #1 It is all of those experiences that are the building blocks of my empowerment to be who I am tomorrow and the rest of my life. Nothing can be changed that has already happened.  Learn. Gain. Acknowledge. Move Forward. Take the good and leave the bad.

Rule #2 Live for today, but always gain from yesterday and prepare for tomorrow!

Rule #3 Remember that everything happens for a reason and that reason is what you make of it. 

Embrace your life in total. Recognize yourself past and present and you'll create a compelling future filled with hope and purpose.  LIVE IT FORWARD.  One Step At a TIME.