Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Passionate Fashionista.

I love BRIGHT COLORS, Fashion, Positivity, and HAPPY Clothing

Passion is not over rated.   Positivity is not optional.  FASHION, COLOR, and FUNK is sometimes what life is all about.

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself.  Sometimes you have to forget what you love to remember how much passion inspires creativity, and just sometimes you have to man up to the fact that as much as I love to coaching, leadership, writing, and teaching, I ALSO AM HONESTLY DEEP DOWN INSIDE PASSIONATE ABOUT FASHION, COLOR, VIBRANT ACCESSORIES, and wearing FEEL HAPPY THREADS . 

I dislike matching others, I like things that don’t make sense, I like red with pink, and most of all I really do love beanies and legwarmers.  After spending the last 6 months in work that involves coaching anything from leadership, skill workshops, OLY Certs, to personal Life Coaching, I realized I didn’t spend much time sewing, creating, designing, or even just looking through colorful magazines that inspire me to wear the BETSY JOHNSON meets PINK swag.  

So Ladies, I am back.  With a VIBRANT COLOR ATTACK.   Actually,  I have put together a top Fashion list.   A common question I hear:

Where did you get your Workout Pants? 
Where did you Find that Sports Bra?  It isn’t LULU? 
A mixture of the swag...

So here it is:

Top Pants for Funk, Function, and Fun:

Top Brands: Bia Brazil, Body Language, Brasil Sui, Margarita-  All Pictured Above.

Bags that make you go Hmmmm.  My PINK and WHITE Computer Bag. under bags -  Head turner for sure!!!

All Around Fun Short Shorts:  As seen in pic-  Funky pink/turquoise short shorts- 

All of this gave me the inspiration needed to launch this SPRING more color than ever!  So if you
are ready... BE ready.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

End 2011 with A GOAL, TACTICS, VISION, Execution Venture

RXSTAR Presents “Bring in the 2012 Rockstar” Venture.  – Clarity. Focus. Execution.

“2012 Rockstar is a blueprint that implements goals, tactics, vision book manuals, and skill set training that challenges women towards confidence, nutrition, goals, skill attainment, and overall empowerment.  By using “ROCKSTAR”, woman will have a proven track record for day one with goals, champion mindset, building confidence, and improving skills throughout the year.  RXSTAR be a Rockstar, Let your light shine.

To end the 2011 year, RXSTAR will be unleashing a final workshop as a catalyst for the 2012 ROCKSTAR year.  The workshop will be available in Round Rock, Texas and Oklahoma City, OK and will be open to women from all affiliates and gyms.  The focus of the workshop will be to set the foundation for 2012 in not only goals, vision books, but also in tactical skills from pull-ups to box jumps.  Fusing together tactical skill training with visionary mental preparation, you are ensured to unleash your true potential. 

What:  “Bring in the 2012 Rockstar” Venture.
When:   Tuesday December 13th 6-9Pm
Where: Crossfit Round Rock, Round Rock, CA
Why:  Set the tools, teach the tactics, and EXECUTE a PLAN for your 2012 ROCKSTAR YEAR.
Venture will include A Vision Book Training Manual for 2012.  Goal Setting Documents, and hands on tactical skill training.

Start with a Goal… End with A Result.   RXSTAR 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inspirational Leadership: Walk the Walk

Inspirational Leadership: Transforming within to Inspire Outside
As you move forward through stages in your life, the best learning comes from experience.  Factual knowledge is brilliant; however, experiential knowledge is priceless.  It is the foundation that the seed of growth into our talents, strengths, and charisma is built on.  We know it, because we have actually felt it.  With that experience comes the root of self-knowledge.   KNOW THYSELF- is a great beacon that resonates with many people and is the catalyst for forward movement.
In his preface to Ecce Homo, Friedrich Nietzsche put it well when he responded to the question of why he would write a book describing himself. Hear me! For I am such and such a person. Above all, do not mistake me for someone else.
The basic human need includes the need to be understood – and not to be mistaken for someone else.  When one values deeply their ethics, morals, and intent this need becomes cemented into their hearts.   Three stages occur in self-discovery included are looking in mirror and studying yourself closely,  the second stage involves the ability to see others through those eyes that have become better at seeing what is rather than insisting on what you think should be, and the third, which is to me the most important basically for its ability to really stimulate growth is to discard the mirror and really begin to see yourself through the eyes of others.  All three of these visions must be clear and vivid in order to truly be an Inspirational Leader, and that alone is why core values must be deeply rooted into your soul and aligned directly with your strengths. really begin to see yourself through the eyes of others. All three visions are necessary to make a great leader – and all three visions must be not only vivid but also accurate.
As one becomes comfortable in their identity, strengths, values, and mission in life, all other influences are not ignored but inspected.  Do they have value in their belief.  The question must always be asked: “How am I seen by others”? This is the great lesson that opens the door to leadership development. I call this vision the ‘sense outside of the self’.  The key is to make sure you have clarity on yourself. Increased self-knowledge makes it possible to know better who you are. Clearer insight into others makes it possible to see who they are. When you have accomplished these two difficult journeys and have gained a trust in their reliability, you can then receive the visions of others with confidence and gratitude.
Leaders don’t need a title.  The more you are aware of your strengths, goals, and continually grow through experiential knowledge you become confident in who you are the more you are able to walk the walk of a true leader.  I have always been a firm believer in staying true to who you are, and if one questions your intent, that resolution is doable, if one questions your character, self-reflect, inspect, and move forward.  Head STRONG in Authenticity and Heart Fierce in Character has and always will be something I believe in when the words Inspirational Leadership pass my way.
I am what I am.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


ALL HEART.    I am Courage.
The word courage is derived from the Latin word cor, which means "heart."  It is often thought that courage is reserved for an everyday hero or some one who has no fear.  I have come to my own conclusion, that courage goes far deeper than fears and weaknesses and the ability to conquer any obstacle that may come in our way.  It isn’t  just about daring to be, or living to dare.  It is something more fragile than failing and more powerful than winning or losing, Courage is about TRUTH. 
Truth the Supreme Reality.  Yes.  Everyday living in the code of truth and believing in all aspects of our individual presence with our whole heart.  That is courage.  It combines the elements of humility, integrity, trust, and passion in every moment that we live.  We don’t assume, we accept.  We don’t tear down, we build up. We don’t blame others, we accept responsibility for our own actions, and most importantly we live with HEART.  The Golden Rule becomes a habit, and our habits form our character, and character becomes our destiny.  Living with intentions is powerful, yet living with truth is influential.  It is authenticity in it truest form, and it is a very scary road to travel on in a journey that one seeks to win; however, it can be an amazing journey for one who seeks to grow and develop.
RXSTAR launched its first Tank in 2010 that stated:   I am Courage.    Almost two years later, I, the designer, realized the true meaning of courage.  I hope to be courageous, I strive to be courageous, I seek the development to accept my shortcomings and know that the TRUTH of my Supreme Reality requires me to live in my heart, through my heart, and passionately hold myself to the standard of excellence that I desire. 
HEART.  Living it day in and day out. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011




Champion Mind, Carey Kepler and RXSTAR, Aly W Bring you:
February 17 & 18, 2012


RXSTAR CHAMPION MINDSET PRESENTS: Revolutionizing Confidence through the Champion Mindset.
What: An “All Womens” Seminar focusing on Goals, Actions, Skills, Training, and Results.  1 ½ Days of tactics and skills combined with goals and results to not empower but improve your crossfit abilities and goal setting powers.  A combination of Motivation Goal “Execute” projects, all star RXSTAR pull-up workshop, champion mind journey, and “Beat your Best” fun competition.   Included: RXSTAR CHAMPION MIND “EXECUTE” book, Tank, Stickers, and Certificate.
Our Purpose:  Revolutionize Confidence, Create Clarity, find focus, and execute results for goals, training, and life.  A unified group of women that will come together for inspiration, a stomping ground for dreams to be made and actions to bring results.  It is a revolutionary movement of confidence, champion mindset, goal setting, and simple execution.
This will be a one an half  day event including a Friday “Goal and Result” formula seminar, the event will include:

 Goal setting - learning how to set goals and you will be taught simple tactics to achieve results that are specific, measurable, and achievable, and then taking action now!

 Execution – It is not just talking, it is now action.  The workshop will give you the tools and provide hands on skills and drills to make you a better athlete and individual.  Workshops that will help you achieve more efficient and effective pull-ups at all levels from band to butterfly.   Journey of the Champion mind and preparing the mind to win at life.  Ending with a fun, powerful, and motivational “Beat your Best” competition that will teach the strategies of improving your performance.
Who is this open to? ALL women in the community, from all backgrounds

and  walks of life. If you are ready to take action now, make a move in your

career, personal, spiritual, health and financial life, YOU are ready. 

Revolutionizing Confidence was created by RXSTAR, Aly W. and

CHAMPION MIND, Carey Kepler.   

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ordinary was never MY thing anyway...

Life: Choose it.

ODE TO those who chose to dare to be bold to challenge and to commit to being the best... Booyah Here's to the crazy ones. The rebels. The Determined Souls. The round pegs in the square hole. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. They challenge the concept of athleticism. They don't understand the concept of quitting. To them blood symbolizes toughness and limits are meant to be broken. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see them as champions. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can push themselves to a higher level of athleticism, who never quit, and who can change the concept of training to endurance and triumph, are the ones who do. Ordinary was never my thing anyway.  If you don't understand me, it is ok.  Somedays, my own questions don't have answers; therefore I must seek knowledge and that is often what leads me to my next steps.  Just one decision away from the decision that could change everything.  I am ok with that.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Life Blueprint: Written in Pencil

My Life Blueprint:  Written in Pencil.

Where there is a will there is a way; but the way may not be your original path.  What will you do? Situational Leadership teaches that great leaders can adjust to the situations and circumstances in order to inspire, grow, develop, and accelerate change toward greatness regardless of what roadblocks or opportunities are present.   The ability to adjust accordingly to the talents and strengths of those around you to maximize the potential in order to gain effectiveness and productivity is genius. Or maybe it is just Situational Leadership.  Either way, It is challenging.  It is even more challenging when you have a plan, and the plan needs adjustments in order to be effective.  So now what?   Did you fail?   No. You grew. You developed. Well, at least I did.  A few key components that help me, once I step up and realize that adjustments are needed.
Have the correct mindset: There is a popular saying that nothing is set in stone. It should apply to your mindset. Whatever it is that you have chosen to believe and assume can be challenged and is changeable.

Be willing to change: Change is absolutely necessary for personal growth and success especially if what you have done has not worked out. When you improve yourself, your world will change for the better.
Do things differently: You have to decide to do things differently to experience different results. It does cause certain amount of discomfort and emotional upheavals but you need to detach and rise above your present level.

My blueprint in life is not in permanent marker.  Committed to my goals, yet flexible and adaptable in my approach.  The off-roading and yield signs are giving me an opportunity to mess-up, grow, fall, bounce back up, learn about others, and most importantly it keeps me humble.  They say it is not the destination but the journey, I say it isn’t the journey but all the wrong turns because those are where you truly learn what life is all about.    Ready, willing, and able.  Redo.