Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Passionate Fashionista.

I love BRIGHT COLORS, Fashion, Positivity, and HAPPY Clothing

Passion is not over rated.   Positivity is not optional.  FASHION, COLOR, and FUNK is sometimes what life is all about.

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself.  Sometimes you have to forget what you love to remember how much passion inspires creativity, and just sometimes you have to man up to the fact that as much as I love to coaching, leadership, writing, and teaching, I ALSO AM HONESTLY DEEP DOWN INSIDE PASSIONATE ABOUT FASHION, COLOR, VIBRANT ACCESSORIES, and wearing FEEL HAPPY THREADS . 

I dislike matching others, I like things that don’t make sense, I like red with pink, and most of all I really do love beanies and legwarmers.  After spending the last 6 months in work that involves coaching anything from leadership, skill workshops, OLY Certs, to personal Life Coaching, I realized I didn’t spend much time sewing, creating, designing, or even just looking through colorful magazines that inspire me to wear the BETSY JOHNSON meets PINK swag.  

So Ladies, I am back.  With a VIBRANT COLOR ATTACK.   Actually,  I have put together a top Fashion list.   A common question I hear:

Where did you get your Workout Pants? 
Where did you Find that Sports Bra?  It isn’t LULU? 
A mixture of the swag...

So here it is:

Top Pants for Funk, Function, and Fun:

Top Brands: Bia Brazil, Body Language, Brasil Sui, Margarita-  All Pictured Above.

Bags that make you go Hmmmm.  My PINK and WHITE Computer Bag. under bags -  Head turner for sure!!!

All Around Fun Short Shorts:  As seen in pic-  Funky pink/turquoise short shorts- 

All of this gave me the inspiration needed to launch this SPRING more color than ever!  So if you
are ready... BE ready.  

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  1. I'm worth a million in prizes...