Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Life Blueprint: Written in Pencil

My Life Blueprint:  Written in Pencil.

Where there is a will there is a way; but the way may not be your original path.  What will you do? Situational Leadership teaches that great leaders can adjust to the situations and circumstances in order to inspire, grow, develop, and accelerate change toward greatness regardless of what roadblocks or opportunities are present.   The ability to adjust accordingly to the talents and strengths of those around you to maximize the potential in order to gain effectiveness and productivity is genius. Or maybe it is just Situational Leadership.  Either way, It is challenging.  It is even more challenging when you have a plan, and the plan needs adjustments in order to be effective.  So now what?   Did you fail?   No. You grew. You developed. Well, at least I did.  A few key components that help me, once I step up and realize that adjustments are needed.
Have the correct mindset: There is a popular saying that nothing is set in stone. It should apply to your mindset. Whatever it is that you have chosen to believe and assume can be challenged and is changeable.

Be willing to change: Change is absolutely necessary for personal growth and success especially if what you have done has not worked out. When you improve yourself, your world will change for the better.
Do things differently: You have to decide to do things differently to experience different results. It does cause certain amount of discomfort and emotional upheavals but you need to detach and rise above your present level.

My blueprint in life is not in permanent marker.  Committed to my goals, yet flexible and adaptable in my approach.  The off-roading and yield signs are giving me an opportunity to mess-up, grow, fall, bounce back up, learn about others, and most importantly it keeps me humble.  They say it is not the destination but the journey, I say it isn’t the journey but all the wrong turns because those are where you truly learn what life is all about.    Ready, willing, and able.  Redo.

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  1. I have always told my clients to write their goals in pencil - you never know when you need to change them. I can appreciate your blog post - and I know others are blessed to have your positive influences. Keep up the good work you do!