Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inspirational Leadership: Walk the Walk

Inspirational Leadership: Transforming within to Inspire Outside
As you move forward through stages in your life, the best learning comes from experience.  Factual knowledge is brilliant; however, experiential knowledge is priceless.  It is the foundation that the seed of growth into our talents, strengths, and charisma is built on.  We know it, because we have actually felt it.  With that experience comes the root of self-knowledge.   KNOW THYSELF- is a great beacon that resonates with many people and is the catalyst for forward movement.
In his preface to Ecce Homo, Friedrich Nietzsche put it well when he responded to the question of why he would write a book describing himself. Hear me! For I am such and such a person. Above all, do not mistake me for someone else.
The basic human need includes the need to be understood – and not to be mistaken for someone else.  When one values deeply their ethics, morals, and intent this need becomes cemented into their hearts.   Three stages occur in self-discovery included are looking in mirror and studying yourself closely,  the second stage involves the ability to see others through those eyes that have become better at seeing what is rather than insisting on what you think should be, and the third, which is to me the most important basically for its ability to really stimulate growth is to discard the mirror and really begin to see yourself through the eyes of others.  All three of these visions must be clear and vivid in order to truly be an Inspirational Leader, and that alone is why core values must be deeply rooted into your soul and aligned directly with your strengths. really begin to see yourself through the eyes of others. All three visions are necessary to make a great leader – and all three visions must be not only vivid but also accurate.
As one becomes comfortable in their identity, strengths, values, and mission in life, all other influences are not ignored but inspected.  Do they have value in their belief.  The question must always be asked: “How am I seen by others”? This is the great lesson that opens the door to leadership development. I call this vision the ‘sense outside of the self’.  The key is to make sure you have clarity on yourself. Increased self-knowledge makes it possible to know better who you are. Clearer insight into others makes it possible to see who they are. When you have accomplished these two difficult journeys and have gained a trust in their reliability, you can then receive the visions of others with confidence and gratitude.
Leaders don’t need a title.  The more you are aware of your strengths, goals, and continually grow through experiential knowledge you become confident in who you are the more you are able to walk the walk of a true leader.  I have always been a firm believer in staying true to who you are, and if one questions your intent, that resolution is doable, if one questions your character, self-reflect, inspect, and move forward.  Head STRONG in Authenticity and Heart Fierce in Character has and always will be something I believe in when the words Inspirational Leadership pass my way.
I am what I am.

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