Tuesday, November 15, 2011


ALL HEART.    I am Courage.
The word courage is derived from the Latin word cor, which means "heart."  It is often thought that courage is reserved for an everyday hero or some one who has no fear.  I have come to my own conclusion, that courage goes far deeper than fears and weaknesses and the ability to conquer any obstacle that may come in our way.  It isn’t  just about daring to be, or living to dare.  It is something more fragile than failing and more powerful than winning or losing, Courage is about TRUTH. 
Truth the Supreme Reality.  Yes.  Everyday living in the code of truth and believing in all aspects of our individual presence with our whole heart.  That is courage.  It combines the elements of humility, integrity, trust, and passion in every moment that we live.  We don’t assume, we accept.  We don’t tear down, we build up. We don’t blame others, we accept responsibility for our own actions, and most importantly we live with HEART.  The Golden Rule becomes a habit, and our habits form our character, and character becomes our destiny.  Living with intentions is powerful, yet living with truth is influential.  It is authenticity in it truest form, and it is a very scary road to travel on in a journey that one seeks to win; however, it can be an amazing journey for one who seeks to grow and develop.
RXSTAR launched its first Tank in 2010 that stated:   I am Courage.    Almost two years later, I, the designer, realized the true meaning of courage.  I hope to be courageous, I strive to be courageous, I seek the development to accept my shortcomings and know that the TRUTH of my Supreme Reality requires me to live in my heart, through my heart, and passionately hold myself to the standard of excellence that I desire. 
HEART.  Living it day in and day out. 

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