Kids Competition Series

May 14th, 2011- Anaheim Crossfit West, Anaheim, CA
Kids with Courage Competition
A series of competitions for kids to develop their physical abilities and mental focus while learning new skills and rewarding excellence to help boost their overall confidence!
Competition Series of Development.

FUNdamentals – goal is to acquire a solid base of the functional movements.
Foundation – goal is to acquire a solid base of the functional skills in the their ability to learn skills.
Learning to Compete – goal is to have fun and excitement while introducing competing and accomplishing personal bests.

Training to Compete – goal is to acquire knowledge and understanding of how to train and prepare for workouts.
Training to Excel – goal is to acquire the training skills necessary to excel training, teaching nutrition, goal setting, and timelines.
Age Catergories:     Open to both girls and boys.
 Ages 4-6   Ages 7-10  Ages 11-14
Fundamentals and Competition Focus:  Each competition series will focus on teamwork and helping kids develop confidence and a better understanding of training for life.  Some of the areas that will be set up in stations will include:
1. Agility – includes hurdles, ladders, tag related games and obstacle courses.
2. Balance – includes balance beams, balance obstacle courses, foam discs an, one legged races.

3. Push-Pull – includes monkey bars, pull-up bars and push sleds.
4. Jumping – includes hurdles, hop scotch, broad jump and bounding activities.
5. Locomotion – includes skipping, hopping, sliding, sprinting, galloping, crawling and karaoke.
6. Visualization / Awareness – includes green reading, green bowling, croquette and tumbling.
7. Core Strength – includes wall ball, body weight only stability exercises, climbing activities
8. Rotation – includes medicine balls and 360 degree jumping.

The competition begins with a group warm up that educates the kids on body movements.   The challenge will have stations and age groups.  Kids will be assigned coaches, and will learn how to work together and meet new kids from all over southern California.
This format does several interesting things:
1. It allows the kids to experience successes. This is crucial in  development of   confidence and self esteem for children.
2. It allows kids to stay focused.  Most experts will tell you that kids this age get distracted or bored with any activity after five minutes.  The challenges will be broken up and kids will rotate through the competition.
3. It is fun for the kids.  Because each station is designed around speed or physical development, most kids think this is more like play time than hard work.  It is important for kids to have fun at this stage of development. They need to relate the sport to something that is fun, not hard work!
4. It allows skills to be introduced in a slow and repetitive format.  Each skill must be mastered before adding more information.  By keeping to one theme per week or month, kids have time to process the information and really master the skill.  Plus, they see how the skill is used in multiple sports and why it is important for success.

Most importantly, it will create an environment of positivity, personal achievement, and teamwork.  The competition series will be developed similar to a REAL competition.  We will have prizes, sponsors, and awards for most improved and best attitude.