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Aly Rx-Star


My Story:

 "Being me… BEST that I can Be. – The truth about me.

Certified Level 1 Crossfit Instructor, Olympic Lifting Crossfit Coach, Crossfit Mobility Certified, Certified Life Strategies coach, CEO/FOUNDER of RX-STAR, and President of YOU! Got Challenged received her degree from St. Cloud State University in MN. She received a BA in Communications with a minor in sports administration.
Following college, Aly traveled to Japan representing the United States as an Ambassador in the sport of snowboarding where she implemented international programs encouraging athletics in children and women of all ages. Implementing strategies for athletic development for an International market gave her insight on the true motivational factors to drive performance in individuals.
Aly then entered the professional snowboarding circuit where she competed national and internationally. During her snowboarding career she was critically injured during a competitive event. She sustained permanent injury and currently coaches and trains with steel plates and pins in her hips and back.
After Aly’s injury, she was told she would never snowboard or coach again. Within three months, she was coaching for the United States Olympic Committee through the CODP in her wheelchair. Once her recovery improved, she continued to coach all over the nation.
Aly recognized the importance of commitment to overcome all adversity and trained harder than she had ever trained. She has made it her determination to give athletes the same opportunity to be the best that they can. She created RX-STAR with simplicity in mind. Becoming your best, overcoming challenges and diffusing obstacles is obtained by simple tactics she uses in her training. She has run several clinics, programs and training seminars nationally.
Aly has a simple quest in life and that is to share her gift to inspire others, implement simplicity into training, and help others to obtain the goals of true optimal health in fitness and life. As a teacher and life coach, she continually pushes individuals to reach their true potential through fitness and goal setting.
Motto in Life: Simplicity is Knowing, BEING, and Achieving, Smile as much as you can, laugh more often than not, and never forget to thank the people who helped you reach the stars you aimed for. I am what I am.

Stephanie Amato: Primal Mama

“I am a coach, I am a mother, I am a Nurse, I am a Giver, I am wife. I AM AN ATHLETE. I strive to do my best, be my best, and become my best everyday. Challenges come and obstacles arise and yet I know that I can overcome anything that I put my mind too. That is what makes me who I am”.
Truth be told… THIS her AMAZEMENT.
After a competetive gymnastics and diving career in her younger days, followed by a very long absence from sports, Stephanie joined the CrossFit community in 2006. She began doing CrossFit in Huntington Beach and soon realized how the functional movements of the workout applied to everyday life. It was clear to see that CrossFit was the tool that was helping Stephanie regain her athleticizm. Starting out so weak that she could not even do one push up or sit up, Stephanie left that woman behind to become strong, confident and a fierce competitor.
Stephanie is a Registered Nurse, holds a Level One and Olympic lifting certificate, and is Anaheim CrossFit’s Nutritional Advisor. Nutrition and recipe writing is a passion of hers as well as her four children and family. You can see evidence of this on her recipe blog.
The effects of CrossFit have shown in all aspects of her life from competing for OCC at Regionals in 2010 to having the stamina to raise twin toddlers at 40 years old. Stephanie’s dream is to help other women achieve the profound life changing experience that 
CrossFit brings.
“Any woman can achieve this level of fitness and beyond. I am not special. I am an average woman, wife and mother with a drive to achieve that is ignited by passion. Let me help you achieve your dreams!”