Tuesday, October 26, 2010

November 1st - Optimal Health Lifestyle Coaching

RX-STAR “More than just a Pretty Face” is a consulting and coaching program focusing on female empowerment, self discovery, innovation, and fun!  A results based, concentrated 4 week program for women who are serious about getting results and become strong from the inside out! RX-STAR More than Just a Pretty Face gives simple tactics to achieve results for inner and outer strength and implements a tracking system for accountability that will unleash your true potential through a series of tools including accountability tracking, food journals, inner strength rating, personal training, and goal setting.

I am What I am…  Unleashing My True Potential.

What does the “
More than just a Pretty Face” Coaching Program  Include?
  • 8 Personal Training Sessions (2x/week for 4 weeks) *1x/week option available/*team-up partner rate. / or Small Workshop Option - 2 hr Weekly
  • Weekly Inner Strength Development Goals:  Belief, Discipline, Courage, and Strength – You will get complete guide and Tactics at Each Week of Development.
  • 8 Additional Workouts to Complete (2x/week for 4 weeks) -Optional
  • Whole 30 – Understanding Nutrition Accountability
  • 30 Day Food List - (Maintenance Program following the 28 days)
  • 30 Day Menu Guide - (Maintenance Program following the 28 days) 
  • Goal Setting Tool Kit
  • Before and After Pictures
  • Before and After Fitness Evaluation
  • RX-STAR Strength Inspiration Kit: T-Shirt, Goal Book, and Inspirational 5x7 Picture  
  • 15% Discount at Bodywear Boutique (See photos for Adorable Clothing)
  • Professional Graduation Photo Shoot and Award Certificate
  • Accountability to Food Log, Workouts and Much More

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