Tuesday, October 19, 2010


1. How Bad?

How Bad Do I Want It? How bad do you really want to be great? Do you just talk about it or are you doing what it takes on a daily basis to be great. Michael Jordan once said, "Some people want it to happen; some wish it would happen; others make it happen." You have got to go and make it happen. You have got to go and take it. How bad do you want it?

Accountability:  You will decide how bad you want the results that you will be achieving. 

2. Why?

Why Do I Want It? Do you want to be great so people notice you? Do you want to be great to be famous? Do you want to be great to make money? Do you want to be great so that you can help others? Whatever it is, you need to know why. Why do you do what you do on a daily basis to be great? What is it that motivates you?

Integrity:  The Core value of “RX- STAR” is holding your level to commitment to highest level known.  Your own belief in why you are committing to these results will make them attainable. 
3. What?
What Am I Willing To Do Until I Get It? What are you willing to sacrifice? A lot of athletes say that they want to play professionally and that's great. However, do you know what it takes now for you to get there? What you need to do on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis to reach that ultimate goal to play professionally? To be a great athlete takes a lot of sacrifice. You may have to go to bed early when your friends are out at a movie. You may have to tell your girlfriend you can't hang out because you need to train. Are you willing to make those kind of sacrifices?

4. How Much?

How Much Do I Really Invest Into It? How much time do you put into what you do? It takes time to be great at anything. How much time do you put into practicing? How much time do you put into studying so that you can master your sport? Be honest with yourself. Are you really ready to invest the time necessary to be great at what you do? There is no substitute for hard work. Are you willing to put the time into practice? Are you willing to work? How much are you willing to work at it?

5. Do You Really?

Do You Really Love It? Is this your passion? Your passion is what is going to drive you. It is what keeps you going when times get tough. Things will not always be easy. The road is going to get rocky and if you do not love what you are doing, you will quit! If you do not have a passion for this, you will throw in the towel. You really need to ask yourself: is this what I love to do? If not, hang it up and find something you love to do. This is what life is about! Now that you have asked yourself these questions, go and get it. Go and take what you deserve, and don't look back until it is yours!


1.       Goals – Specific Measureable Attainable Realistic TimeFrame
2.       Stengths and Weakness Assessment
3.       Commitment – Weekly and Monthly
4.       Food and Nutrition Commitment- Log Book
5.       Foundation Baseline Assessment Test
6.       Accountability, Integrity, Respect, Loyalty, Passion

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