Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebrate Life

To live in the moment is:

To know what we fear is only a temporary moment of anxiousness that can be quieted by our confidence in our own determination.
To not dwell on our own inadequacies but to use our power beyond measure.

Our own abilities and our light of power is what will scare us and frighten us for the simple reason we are not only strong but powerful.

I am strong, brilliant, talented, and powerful. And that is not a question but it is a statement.
Playing the game of life in largeness is what we are about and not in smallness.

So Celebrate the life we love and love the life we can Celebrate. You were born to make a difference. Not just some of us; everyone.

Today you must let your light shine, and cheer on those around you.

Liberate from your won fear, and let our light of fearlessness liberate others around us!

Happiness is YOU… Celebrate your BEING.

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