Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday MOJO- Strength and Trueness

There are many moments in life that test our mettle, our strength, our grit.
Defining moments that challenge our tenacity, demanding moments that finely measure our resolve.
When these moments happen...
what we're made of is put to the ultimate test. Sometimes we are stronger than the moment, on other occasions we aren't. It's not easy to be where you need to be - mentally, emotionally and physically - at the precise moment you need to be there.
Sometimes we easily handle the load, pushing through the obstacles placed in our paths, our strength proving stronger than the moment

Every moment, every second matters... Be Strong- Like you know you CAN!

Wednesday Endurance:
10k Run

Make up:
400 m Run Forward/ Backward
2min Sit-up Test
2min Mt. Climber
2min Burpees
1 Min squats/hollow-rocks


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